Amie Tran


Brian Hmelyar

Amie Tran and Brian Hmelyar

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Our Story

In June of 2013, Amie joined a software company called Box, where Brian was already working. Amie was based out of the Los Altos, CA headquarters and Brian was remotely based in Chicago, IL. The two were paired up on the same sales account team and began building an amicable working relationship over chat, email, and phone— talking shop, sharing EDM playlists, and lamenting over rough Mondays back in the office.

Amie eventually moved to San Francisco, CA and relocated to the office in SoMa. It wasn't until November of that year that the two finally met in-person in the lunch room for a meeting while Brian was in town for a conference. Amie and Brian fatefully locked eyes across that lunch room— Amie, unsure of what Brian actually looked like due to zero social media presence at the time (except blurry LinkedIn and Twitter profile pictures); and Brian, uncertain of what to make of the butterflies fluttering inside him. Over the week, the two ran around the city going from customer events to team dinners. By the end of the week, Brian headed back to Chicago and the two parted ways, not knowing when they'd cross paths in-person again.

Over the next few months it was business as usual; however, the two did start to develop a friendship— checking-in on each other outside of working hours, trading texts over the weekends, and wondering when they'd see each other next.

The holidays passed and February of 2014 rolled around with Brian finding himself back in San Francisco for yet another conference. The two hung out throughout the week, but this time, there was a different sense of nervousness, exhilaration, uncertainty, and thrill. The couple began dating long distance and went on their first official date at a SF restaurant called, Foreign Cinema. Throughout that year, after many flights between Chicago and San Francisco for the two, Brian finally racked up enough Frequent Flyer Miles to book a one-way ticket to San Francisco.

Amie moved in with Brian once he was settled into his new city and nearly 4 years later, Brian proposed to Amie in the comforts of their apartment on Tuesday, December 19th, 2017— it was at Foreign Cinema where they shared their first meal together as a newly engaged couple and here we are!

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